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Saksham: Exclusive Managed Print Services For Companies

Ensures Minimum disruption and Maximum Productivity

You will probably be surprised at the number of people working in your company who have been assigned to manage, maintain, secure, and supply your printers. You will get surprised watching the cost that your company is bearing to manage the internal resources. However, by using a Managed print services company, you can simplify the burden and manage the cost you are bearing.

At Saksham, we comprehend the struggle and trouble that you have to take to maintain visibility and manage the costs required to manage the increasing print environment. Managed Print Service is a great choice for you to acquire a complete understanding of the printing costs, maintenance needs, fleet management, and security needs. By taking advantage of Managed Print Services, you and your team can stop worrying about supply and printer management.

We at Saksham believed in offering complete print management services to our customers. With some of the best professionals, we can customize managed print solutions according to your needs.

Providing Complete Security Strategy through Managed Print Solutions

Even when you don’t think that your printers are like computing devices on the network, that is what they actually are. As per the security statistics, it is clear that no organization can leave their printer unsecured. Thus, with Managed Print Solution, organizations can easily take the advantage of it and implement, monitor, and develop the security. Thus, with Managed Print Services, you can acquire peace of mind.

We have a specific methodology to offer managed print services.

  • We Assess: We have professionals who can assess the environment and then design customized managed print solutions as per your challenges and goals.
  • We Deploy: We work as an extension of the IT team to implement the new managed print solutions and ensure seamless functionality
  • We Manage: When everything is in its place, we offer products and services to ensure the smooth running of everything.

Choosing Saksham For An Organized Managed Print Service:

If printing isn’t your prime business yet you need the best document production, choosing our Managed Print Service can be a great choice to acquire customized solutions.

MPS or Managed Print Services has a special approach that can analyze the process of an organization and its workflows. It can also manage information in a manner to improve productivity and help to reduce costs.

  • Get customized MPS: The MPS program has been designed individually to meet your needs. Continuous assessment and evaluation offer continuous improvement.
  • Responsive and Controlled: Managed Print Service is a great way to control cost. It helps you to stay away from capital investment and offers a more responsive solution. ‘
  • No more service issues: At Saksham, you can get an end-to-end solution. We offer easy management of non-core services that include print production. It enables us to improve efficiency and reduce costs to a huge extent.

Where Can MPS Be Highly Effective?

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainability: It is a great step toward sustainability optimization that can help to become a part of the bigger goal.
  • Cost Control: It can be a great choice to control costs associated with technology, process, and proper by offering long-term savings and constant delivery.
  • Better Infrastructure: It becomes easy to align the infrastructure of an organization with the IT objective to deliver flexibility, scalability, and secured access.
  • Enhanced productivity: Availability of critical business information and its availability offers more productivity, improves agility, and amplifies innovation.
  • Going with the change: There is a multitude of advantages of transforming business documents based on staff engagement with the transformation.
  • Complying with the rules: There is always a need to comply with the rules. MSP can mitigate the risk and cost associated with non-compliance and builds trust in customers.
  • Improved information: You will always be able to find correct information at the right time that can help to make better use of information.
  • Streamline processes: The effective procedure can improve customer response, shorten the sales cycle and improve knowledge sharing to improve business growth.

Saksham Offers Adaptive Models For Business Growth

We have different phases that are customer-centric and adaptive to offer customized Managed print services to clients. We aim to be with you in every single phase by tailoring as per your business model. This eventually results in ensuring consistent improvement that can help you to sustain and reach the business goals.

Project Management: Saksham has the best professionals who can work as the extension of your team and can easily implement the solution recommended by you. With abreast knowledge and understanding of the business, we make sure to apply the best project management methodology that can deliver and reach your market goals.

We aim to offer Managed Print solutions through the customer-centric, adaptive, and specific approach that can offer the best outcome. Our professionals will be with you in every step and tailor recommendations as per your business model. This can support continuous improvement so that you can easily reach and sustain your business growth and goals.

Our professionals are here to take care of a multitude of needs:

  • Offer structure for project governance that makes sure of success and convenient handling of risks and issues.
  • Offer framework to organizations that can improve efficiency and ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Utilize the project management tools to make sure of consistent delivery across the organization.
  • You can easily measure, track and communication the progress made on the deliverables and milestones.

Service Management: Service management process by Saksham is based completely on ITIL standards. This entirely focuses on streamlining IT service as per your business requirements. Our service management model can be a great choice for any organization.

When you implement our Managed print solution, our service managers can easily assume the responsibilities for your program. By working closely with the team, they can easily give, measure, and make improvements to help your business meet its goals.

Our Professionals will:

  • Offer single point contact for your location
  • Follow a legal process to make that your stakeholders can keep a relevant and fair expectations
  • Make sure that they adhere to the service level agreements every time.

Choose Saksham To Meet Your Diverse Needs:

With the best professionals on the team and customized managed print services, we have become the ultimate solution for companies searching for Managed print Services in Delhi. We make sure that our services and solutions can meet and surpass your needs.

Reach us today to get the best print management services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a process for a fleet of printers, fax machines, copiers and several other documents. Generally the managed print solution providers evaluate the current document handling and the process. They can offer suggestions on the way they can improve by using their strategies

When it comes to implementing a successful MPS, there is a significant cost reduction. Businesses can observe a reduction of 30% in their printing costs.  Their service also includes maintenance,  repair and supply.

Since this is a tailor made solution, it depends and varies from one to other organization. However, we can ensure to offer the most competitive price model. We are the managed print services company to handle your requirements and offer the best solution.


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