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An office is only as good as its staff, but you could waste enormous potential if your team needs more modern equipment. Take a look around you. Where do your staff need help? There’s a good chance you mentioned office equipment essential, a printer. It’s past time for improvement.

An Eco-friendly Photocopier machine is helpful for more than simply copying expense reports. They can turn your office’s centre into a productive, user-friendly, and easy-to-monitor hub for office productivity.

How Can Eco-Friendly Printers Help Your Office?

Greater Productivity

Workplace users must be able to process papers efficiently using standard formats and features. Since every user interacts with the same equipment to execute tasks, eco-friendly printers simplify this.

This versatility became a disadvantage for users of older printers for businesses as multiple individuals collected around a single device and struggled to conduct complex workflows utilising reduced settings. On the other hand, modern printers overcome these issues with secure network connectivity and user-specific interfaces that offer one-touch commands for complex tasks.

Save Energy

One of the most transparent and apparent advantages of using an eco-friendly printer over other types of equipment is the savings in energy costs. Engineering energy efficiency into a single multifunction device allows it to save more than numerous devices, even if those multiple devices are equally efficient.

Printers produce a shocking amount of heat and consume a lot of energy to operate. Reducing energy costs by introducing energy-efficient all-in-one printers is a practical approach to saving money on printing and helping your employees be more productive.

Reducing Operating Costs

Cost considerations for printing supplies are affected by a variety of factors. The most obvious expense is the cost of individual print cartridges, but additional intangible operating costs accumulate with each new device added to an organisation’s fleet. These running costs include maintenance, personnel time spent on print operations, and productivity barriers caused by print-related issues.

Multifunction eco-friendly printers also reduce the number of supplies that must be kept on standby. Instead of stocking a variety of colour ink and laser toner cartridges, a single device can better use a smaller set of cartridges.

Save Office Space

Small businesses rarely have access to enough office space to meet all of their needs. These businesses need more resources, including office space, and must make the most of each. This is especially true for offices in densely populated urban regions, where every square foot of office space is expensive.

By reducing the space that print equipment takes up, office managers can more effectively organise the remaining work area for efficiency. The space used for multiple single-function devices can easily fit an additional employee, allowing the company to increase total productivity significantly more than a single-function scanner or copier would.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

One of the main benefits of integrating printer functionalities into an eco-friendly multifunction printer for small businesses is the chance to reduce maintenance costs. Diverse printing equipment is challenging to manage and prone to failure.

A high-performance multifunction eco-friendly printer can solve these costs by establishing a single point of failure for print processes. When dealing with a single device rather than a fleet of many single-purpose devices, maintaining hardware and limiting the risk of failure is significantly easier. A monthly maintenance contract with a managed service provider can significantly reduce maintenance expenses and downtime.

Mobile Printing

Mobile devices are used for a significant portion of business in some businesses. In today’s business climate, smartphones and tablets manage emails, presentations, and social media. When one of your employees has to send a document or presentation from their device to a stationary desktop or laptop to print it, valuable time is lost.

All your printers and copiers must be updated to be mobile-compatible; your productivity will suffer if you use outdated equipment that does not support your employees’ smartphones. Eco-friendly printers are mobile compatible, which helps increase the productivity of your office. 

If you’re looking for eco-friendly photocopier machines to help increase the productivity of your office, Saksham Office has got you covered. We offer printing solutions or complete, full-service programs that provide your team with the proper support and customer service.

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