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We aim to become your one-stop solution for printers and MFD copiers – all under one roof.

We offer leasing services for the printers and multifunctional devices to our customers. With our excellent quality rental service, we make sure to fulfill your diverse printing requirements. Have a look at our leasing terms and choose as per your requirements.

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Saksham believes in offering the best printer leasing services to businesses. With a huge collection of high-end printers and multifunctional devices, we ensure fulfilling all your requirements with printers. We believe in timely service and so at Saksham, we arrange the printers at the lowest possible time.

Our reasonable package in a range of options facilitates your unique requirements. Our printer leasing service is unique and ensures taking care of your specific needs. We believe in keeping a huge array of quality printers that can suffice the wide range of needs. These multifaceted printers are some of the basic needs of corporations and other high-end facilities.

Choosing out rental services ensures taking care of everything in between. Not only do we take the order of offering you a fantastic leasing contract, but we also take care of the installation and maintenance facilities as well. We have both short and long-term contracts to make it a great choice for everyone looking for a good printer leasing and rental service.

Our Printer Leasing and Rental Services

At Saksham, we believe in being the ultimate choice for printer leasing and rental service provider. Since we understand the wide range of needs, we make sure that our wide range of services can fulfill your needs. We have effectively sorted out three different types of rental services for our printers and MFD devices to help you choose as per your needs.

  • Printer Leasing & Rental: We offer printer leasing and rental services for companies and professionals. If you want high-end printers for both the long and short term, Saksham makes it possible. Contact us today to find the right printer brands and get customized leasing facilities.
  • Pay Per Cartridge: We also have the option available for you to choose the pay per print. If you wish to choose the package where you wish to pay for every print you make, we have the best options available. We have customized the services as per your needs for the best results.
  • Pay Per Prints: If you wish to choose the service where you can pay for the prints you are making, we have got you covered. Choose our pay-per prints model and pay for the number of prints that you are taking from these devices. With us, we have got you covered.

The Ultimate Benefits of Choosing Our Printer Rental And Leasing Services

When it comes to companies or individuals, printer leasing is one of the most advantageous services. Since a lot of paperwork happens in a day, most companies would need the top MFD devices that are capable of taking orders. Besides, you cannot take paperwork for granted as you need to keep a copy of every vital transaction happening in and out of your company.

However, not every time does it become possible for all small companies to buy multifunctional devices. Needless to mention, the huge price tag is one of the prime reasons why people think twice before buying. So, to help you conduct your business with ease, Saksham is here to offer printer leasing services.

While there is a multitude of other benefits, the following are the top ones.

  • Multiple leasing plans: We strive to make it easy for everyone with our different leasing plans. Our packages have been prepared to keep in mind the diverse needs of the companies and individuals. So to make sure not to be a financial burden, we offer different printer rental packages for you.
  • No Hidden charges: We maintain transparency by making sure of no hidden prices. Everything that you find here is actually what we have to ask for. In case of any customization, we will talk about it and customize the packages accordingly.
  • Enhance productivity: With our high-end brands included in the list, we make sure that you get the best products from them. This way, you can make sure of improved productivity and maintain quality. We have quality printers to offer unmatched results.
  • Cost control: We make sure to control the cost by leasing printers. We know it can be really challenging for you to pay a huge amount at a time. So, with our multiple [packages and rental services, now you can control cost and ensure business flow.
  • Professional Maintenance: One of the best things about leasing is that you can get professional services. The qualified professionals will install, maintain, and then service printers. However, you don’t have to worry about it as we handle everything from our end.
  • No cost for transportation: You can stay assured that you don’t have to pay for the transportation or technicians. We handle and manage the cost while you only pay according to the packages you chose. We strive to make it easier and achievable.

Explore of Huge Range of Printer Brands

Printers and multifunctional copiers are the most common needs of any organization. Since different individuals have different needs in terms of brands, you make sure to fulfill every individual requirement. By including a huge range of brands in our assortment, we make sure that you are able to choose one as per your needs.

Here are some of the top brands that you can lease or rent from us.

  • Konica Minolta
  • Canon
  • Sharp
  • Kyocera
  • Panasonic

You can reach us today for a seamless printer leasing service in Delhi. We make sure to help you in the best possible manner keeping everything reasonable.

Saksham Ensures Quick & Easy Printer Rental Service

We take pride in saying that we are one of the repeated and trustworthy printer rental service providers. For any type of printer rental services by different reputed brands, Saksham makes it possible. With our years of experience and knowledge about the requisites, we make sure to become the best choice for you.

Choose Saksham to acquire the best Printer rental services in India

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are running low in budget or if you are a startup, you must be facing difficulty to manage cash flow. So, to make sure that you can ensure seamless operation in the facility without being a burden on the capital, renting is perhaps the best solution. We haven included different types of renting packages so that you can choose a printer renting service as per your needs.

Absolutely yes! We have included the top brands to make it easy for you to choose a printer brand as per your needs. You can stay assured about the quality when you choose us.

Yes! When you choose to return irrespective of the package, it is our duty to service and maintain the printer. All you have to do is to pay according to the terms we have set for and we handle the rest.


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