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Colour laser printer for office printing

Renting a printer is growing in popularity because it gives your great business flexibility and reduces costs and time. When your company needs a printer for a short period of time, such as during conferences, temporary office setups, print-intensive projects, and more, renting can be the perfect option. Fortunately, Saksham Office is a full-service technology provider, so we have every type of printer in store and ready for you. There are many benefits of choosing to rent colour laser printer.

Why Choose a High-Quality Laser Colour Printer?

Low Upfront Cost

Leasing printers and copiers are the perfect choices if you are a company on a budget or a startup trying to spend as little as possible. The benefit of leasing equipment is that you can receive the tools you need without having to make a sizable upfront payment. While still keeping your expenditures low, you’ll have the resources and assistance you need to get going.

Lower Monthly Costs

Leasing can be a cost-effective choice for small businesses because monthly lease payments occasionally are less than monthly purchase payments. You might be able to reduce your monthly payments even more by making a down payment, depending on your credit.

Your lease payments will be even reduced thanks to this down payment, and you’ll have the option to finish it in as little as 3–5 years. Another easy exit is available with leasing. When your lease expires, you can return the equipment without incurring any fees and for any reason (even terminating a business).


Better feature-packed printers are constantly being released. In most cases, printer manufacturers progressively discontinue providing maintenance for outdated models because they will be working hard to market new ones.

This implies that a printer you purchase will eventually become obsolete. This is why renting may be quite advantageous to you. You can receive new models with a lease arrangement without having to spend a lot of money. All you have to do is update your equipment whenever new machinery is made accessible. This will allow your company to operate effectively without having to make frequent upgrades.

Maintenance Savings

Due to how quickly technology is developing, renting office supplies is preferable to buying them outright. To begin with, most technology is quickly rendered obsolete, necessitating the purchase of a new copier or printer every four to six years in order to stay up with advancements in the field.

You might alternatively continue using an outdated printer, but doing so would result in much higher maintenance and overall operating costs as a result of parts being phased out and toner becoming increasingly scarce over time.

The lease of a copier or printer has two advantages. A maintenance and service plan that offers support whenever needed is included with leases to start. You will have access to a group of licensed technicians that will attend to your demands during the duration of the lease. A short-term warranty might be included when you purchase a copier or printer, but these warranties are infamous for having coverage gaps, so you might end up footing the price in the end.

The second benefit is that your lease offers a continual refresh cycle, guaranteeing that you can upgrade your copier or printer with the most modern technology at the most affordable operating cost. You can pay less money upfront and acquire upgraded equipment as newer technology becomes available rather than paying out hundreds for a machine that will only last five years.

Tax Benefits

Every business seeks to lower its tax burden, and leasing may do so. Instead of leasing your office equipment, you may have to pay a minimum tax if you buy it all together. Additionally, if you lease your printer (or any other piece of equipment), you won’t need to know how to calculate depreciation because you may write off the payments as business costs at the end of the year.

These are a few advantages of using a copier rental business. However, before you sign any lease, you should confirm that the business you plan to partner with has excellent customer service and is dependable. Contact Saksham Office today for the best copier rental services.

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