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Does your office require a photocopier? Why not lease a photocopier instead of buying a new one? Leasing, if done the right way and with a reputable leasing company, has a lot of benefits. Taking a photocopier on rent is easier on the pocket when compared with buying it right away. You don’t need to lose your money all at once just to get the copier you need.

What is the leasing mechanism?

With leasing, you are expected to pay a fixed amount monthly or quarterly for the tenure of your lease contract. Undeniably, this is less arduous on your finances.

Another worth mentioning benefit of leasing a photocopier is that it makes upgrading to a newer technology less complicated. You can get a copier with better specs by the end of your lease term. Whereas when you buy the machine, you don?t get to frequently change the technology as you have to shed money consistently with every new technology. Also, when you buy machine you would stuck with your old photocopier until the end of life

When you own the machine, you do not have this freedom, especially if there are budget constraints. You?d be stuck with your old copier until the end of its life or until you buy a new machine. Overusing photocopier machine can be costly in the long run since older photocopier machines tend to be less efficient than new ones which are equipped with better technology.

Using an obsolete and worn out photocopier will only hamper company?s overall efficiency.

Lease a photocopier or to rent it?

Photocopier renting and photocopier leasing are often used interchangeably. This confusion is quite reasonable since both are methods use a copy machine for a specified period of time with a fee. However, leasing a machine has longer contract duration, normally around 2-5 years.  Meanwhile, renting a copy machine involves a shorter duration which is somewhere between 6 to 12 months. Availing Photocopier on Rent in Delhi option is ideal for those who require machinery for a shorter time period. You can opt for a Photocopier Rental Services for a project that?s going to run for a small time frame.

Note, you cannot simply terminate your lease contract just because you don’t require the machine anymore. You are expected to finish the contract or buy out your lease. Hence, now you know the thin line between the two options. And, this blog will help you determine which option is suitable for you that can avoid financial repercussions.

The Bottom Line So, if you are looking for a quality photocopier, you must consider leasing it, especially if you own a small or medium-sized company and have financial constraints. Nowadays, you will find numerous companies that lease photocopiers. Finding a reputable Photocopier Rental Services in India is not difficult. You will easily find reputed authorized dealers of photocopier machines like Authorised Dealer of Konica Minolta and more.

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